The Evolving Role of Continuing Education: Our Place in Higher Education

This session will serve as a segue to the 2023 CAUCE annual conference, as the conversation will probe central ideas underpinning this year’s theme.

Sustainable Design Strategies for Program Development in Continuing Education

Explore current ID challenges in program development and approaches that have the most impact on growing and scaling professional programs.

Why Online Learning Is Here to Stay

Let’s discuss some ways we can work together to advance lifelong learning in Canada.

Low Cost/High Impact Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Small Team

Learn what tactics help the University of Windsor grow their audience.

The Modern Campus Connection:

Best Practices for Catalog Management and MyCreds Digital Credentialing

Digital Credentialing in the Micro-credentialing Space

A Case Study of McMaster University Continuing Education.

Designing and Delivering Content for Working Professionals

Lifelong learning is no longer a buzzword; it's a mindset!

Improving Your Lead Conversion Ratios: Nurturing More Prospective Students to Enrolment

Focus on nurturing prospective students to apply and enroll.

Purposeful Online Programming for the Post-COVID-19 Learner

Join Jessica Scott and Kristin Mulligan from PowerED™ by Athabasca University as they walk through key considerations for the online consumer experience.

Practicums in a Pandemic: Lessons and Best Practices to Use Going Forward

Join Nancy and Katrina as they distill best practices, learning, and stories from two years of managing practicums during a pandemic.

Current Issues in Micro-Credentials

Moving beyond the theoretical, the discussion will focus on pragmatic topics that are of significant interest for stakeholders at the time of the session.

Mapping the Lifelong Learning Lifecycle

Join Amrit and Dianne as they reflect on how continuing education divisions can position themselves to build truly engaging lifelong relationships with their learners.

High Success in Choosing an Extended Education Registration Solution

Let's get your program on the road to success!

Bringing Voice of Student Into Your Marketing Communications

Learn how to craft messaging that resonates with students.

Flexible Weighting in an Online Distance Indigenous Social Work Course

Examine how the flexible weighting option responds to the learning needs of Indigenous students by promoting their success, building on their strengths, and giving them a sense of ...

Finding Reconciliation in the Intersection between Indigenous Pedagogy and Heutagogy

For educators who wish to teach more than facts about Indigenous Peoples, this is an emerging opportunity to help people find their own personal connection with and to Indigenous P...

Adopting the Agile Approach to Program Design

McMaster CE course development team will describe their experience transitioning to an Agile-inspired process for program and course design.

Maximizing Higher Education Successes with AI

Inspiration and guidelines about successfully increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

The Core Continuing Education Student is Evolving: How are you adjusting?

Continuing and professional education divisions serve as the cutting-edge innovators of the institution. Serving learner demographics who differ in age, expectation and availabilit...

Promoting Engagement in your Remote Delivery Course

Part two of the two part series Moving your Courses to Remote Delivery

Remote Delivery: Implications for Course Design

Part one of the two part series Moving your Courses to Remote Delivery

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Continuing Education: An LGBT2Q Perspective

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are becoming commonplace in higher education across Canada, and included in this policy are LGBTQ considerations. Join Robert Mizzi as he presents ...

CANCELLED - Exploring the Changing Needs & Expectations of Continuing Education Students: Focus on Indigenous Students


Top Ten Digital Marketing Trends

It seems in today’s disruptive economy digital trends are constantly evolving. And, it has become the role of the marketer to be aware of these advancements and understand how aca...