In 1954, the directors of extension and summer schools at several Canadian universities formed an association to promote their common interests. Coincident with increasing membership, new demands for adult learning and a variety of institutional responses, the Canadian Association of Directors of Extension and Summer School (CADESS) expanded its activities over the next two decades. In 1974, CADESS changed its name to the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE).

Our Mission

Working in the spirit of advancing learning and workplace readiness in 21st century Canada, CAUCE is dedicated to supporting the success of our members in serving professional and adult learners and diverse learning communities; we foster best practices in lifelong teaching and learning, flexible learning models, including online learning, and university community engagement.

Our Mandate

  • We promote activities aimed at fostering a greater role for universities in responding to Canada’s needs for training and retraining;

  • We participate in forums affecting educational policy-making; acting as an advocate for expanding lifelong learning opportunities;

  • We sponsor research aimed at applying theoretical and empirical analysis to improving professional practice in continuing education;

  • We recognize, through awards and honors, outstanding contributions to the field of university continuing education;

  • We offer conferences, professional development activities, publications and communication networks designed to leverage the successful efforts of individuals and institutions in order to promote the collective advancement of continuing education.

President’s Message

I am honored and excited about the opportunity to serve as President of the Canadian Association for University and Continuing Education (CAUCE) for 2018-19. Over the last eight years, I have been so fortunate, as a member and on the Executive, to come to know many of you.

Among our diverse programs and institutions across Canada, our common journey is not only what we do for learners in our communities, but what we aspire to do and where we take our future. We want to make a difference. We strive to help, to have an impact and make the lives of others better.

Beginning with each one of you, we have many good reasons to feel optimistic about the future of university continuing education. With more than 1,200 members from 45 institutions in Canada, the connections we make with each other, at the annual conferences, in meetings,  and during phone calls, webinars, online discussions and conversations, demonstrate the commitment we have to our work and our confidence in the future.

This confidence is apparent in the 2018/19 CAUCE Executive. Returning to the Executive, Heather McRae is our President-Elect and Ian Allen is our Secretary-Treasurer. I welcome Sheila Leblanc, Western Regional Rep; Aldo Caputo, Central Regional Rep; and Belinda Elliot-Bielecki, Eastern Regional Rep. Thank you all for your willingness to come aboard in the coming year.

Coral Sawchyn and Deanna Wolfe, our CAUCE Secretariat team, are invaluable in keeping us on track to accomplish the important work we are doing at our institutions, in our communities and beyond.

Since CAUCE’s inception in 1954 choosing the priorities for the coming year has been the privilege, and sometimes the challenge, for the incoming president.

Fortunately, the CAUCE Strategic Plan is our map for providing the priorities and the focus not only on our goals, but also to fulfill our potential as the experts in university continuing education in Canada.

In the coming year the Executive will focus on:

To develop CAUCE’s strategy as Advocate and our outreach to key stakeholders in our institutions and our government.

We will explore the partnership with the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education.

  • At our most recent executive meeting, we passed a motion to form a working group lead by Heather McRae to develop the partnership and explore other options for scholarly activities and reports of practice.
  • We will send out a call of interest to all members who would like to participate.

To prepare our colleagues and future leaders, we will build on CE101, the proposal for programming to enable UCE professionals in their various roles within our institutions.

  • The goal is to develop a business plan to ensure sustainability.
  • With Ian and Aldo, Gary Hepburn will lead the development of the plan.
  • If you or someone on your team could participate in the working group, please contact the CAUCE Secretariat.

In our relationship with Universities Canada, the action is to build on the measurement framework initiated by Christian Blanchette; this will contribute to a report on the state of affairs of UCE to Canadian university leaders.

Other possibilities for partnerships include the Council for Ministers of Education, Canada.

Membership recruitment continues to be an important activity for our organization’s future and will include outreach to other areas within institutional members beyond CE units.

We will draw on the expertise of every one of you through meetings, working groups, conversations, and if necessary, member-wide surveys.

Whether you participate as a member on our committees, as a conference/webinar presenter, or as a newcomer who would like to know more, I strongly encourage you to join in.

I truly appreciate your support in the coming year and the opportunity to serve as President.

Finally, thank you, all of you, for the tremendous work you are doing.

Carolyn Young

President, Canadian Association for University Continuing Education
Director, Western Continuing Studies, Western University
CAUCE President 2018-19