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CAUCE is dedicated to supporting the success of our members and their engagement with professional and adult learners, as well as diverse learning communities. Our roles as professionals in Continuing Education often requires innovation, problem solving, entrepreneurial spirit, nimble growth, and collaboration as we respond to industry and community needs.

We want to hear about your practice within your Continuing Education unit to improve the careers and lives of people in your community and beyond.


Connections Matter: The Impact of CE on University Innovation, Collaboration, and Access

University continuing education plays a unique role in higher education. With a focus on the future of work and the desire to build healthier, stronger communities, our positions connect universities at large to the communities that surround us.  

We are true connectors who combine expertise, knowledge, research, data and our own creativity to deliver high-quality, high-impact learning experiences to a variety of diverse learners. From researchers with advanced degrees seeking specific skills, to language learners attending university for the first time, to individuals entering or re-entering the workforce, to those changing their career path, people choose our programming because it provides a pathway to lifelong learning for both personal and professional development. 

As educators, our connections drive innovation, expand efficiency, promote collaboration, increase access, and extend the impact of our universities. Through our ability to work collaboratively, and build partnerships, we can achieve exceptional impact.  

This year we will explore the ways in which Connections Matter as our virtual CAUCE conference theme. This theme will guide our conversations throughout #CAUCE2022 as we meet online to share our knowledge and expertise in innovation, collaboration, and access in higher education.  


We have identified 4 conference streams described below. Click on each one for details.

**If your proposal is related to Research and Scholarship in Continuing Education or you are presenting your CAUCE sponsored research project, please select the stream that best fits your presentation topic.

This stream will focus on programs, strategies, services, and partnership models that further the mission of developing deep connections with communities. This may include proposals that address increasing access, nurturing healthy and strong communities, responding to the needs of diverse learners, EDI programming, Indigenizing and/or decolonizing initiatives, and achieving greater diversity in university CE.   

  • Focus on community, government, social programs, and EDI – the heart of CE  
  • Exploring how CE units can be leaders in championing equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigenization and/or decolonization in the university  
  • Sharing how CE units can build meaningful community connections and extend the mission of the university  
  • Sharing innovative programs, partnerships and collaborations that serve the focus of social service or common good through high-quality programs, learner support and learner services   

This stream will focus on programs and partnership models that have been developed and proven to strengthen existing programs and services, provide novel programming, extend programming to new audiences, or strengthen the university brand. This may include proposals that address innovative corporate training models, work-integrated learning, leveraging educational technology and tools, working with partner institutions, working with faculties and divisions, or collaborating with online program management companies.  

  • Focus on collaborations with industry, peer institutions, online program management (OPM) companies, corporate and organizational training  
  • Exploring innovative partnerships to meet skills gaps and the needs of the digital economy  
  • Sharing best practices for impactful partnerships  
  • Focus on innovative programming, complex partnerships, and high growth areas of course development and delivery – this is likely where microcredentials, work integrated learning (WIL) and experiential learning (EL) would be situated, and presentations with vendors 

This stream will focus on innovative ways different universities are connecting with learners and providing optimal learner support throughout their careers. This may include proposals relating to program design, enrolment and learner services, assessment models and services, marketing and communication strategies, career services and long-term learner engagement and relationship building.   

  • Focus on enrolment and learner services, marketing and communication, alumni programs, career services and support, academic advising  
  • Learner personas and designing programs to respond to learner needs/learner- centred design   
  • Exploring innovative ways to connect with students in an enriching and ongoing relationship model, marketing, and communications best practices  
  • What’s new in career services and academic advising 

This stream will focus on how continuing education divisions and schools are structured, supported and engage with the internal communities they serve. This may include proposals relating to leadership, team engagement, infrastructure, IT systems and processes, operations, intra-university partnerships and initiatives and supporting our workforces through remote and hybrid work, teaching and learning.  

  • Focus on engagement with instructors, our teams and infrastructure  
  • Systems in CE have matured, encourage presentations that demonstrate how CE units have integrated their systems for increased efficiency  
  • Highlight intra-university partnerships and how they function to enhance the university’s mission and elevate CE  
  • Explore effective structures and leadership in CE  
  • Explore ways to engage with and maintain strong relationships with instructors and promote high performance  
  • How do we keep our remote work force engaged 

How to submit

All concurrent sessions are 45 minutes. The submission form will ask you to indicate your presentation preference: 

  1. Individual Presentation. One person presenting alone.
  2. Joint Presentation. Two or more people presenting together. 
  3. Panel Discussion. Two or three people presenting a panel-type discussion. 

In addition, you will indicate your presentation type: 

  • Pre-recorded (remote Q&A)You record your presentation in advance of the conference dates and send it to us. The recording is released prior to the conference dates and is available on-demand for conference registrants. You facilitate a Q&A either by email or via the conference platform (to be determined). 
  • Pre-recorded (live Q&A). You record your presentation in advance of the conference dates and send it to us, and it is played to a live audience during your scheduled session. You are available after the recording plays for a live Q&A session. 
  • Live Presentation (live Q&A). You present your topic live during your scheduled session and facilitate a live Q&A after your presentation. 


If your proposal is accepted, you must register for the conference and pay the corresponding fees by April 4, 2022, to confirm your presentation(s).

What are we looking for?

Our aim for this conference is to create an inclusive and accessible event with our community members that encourages life-long learning and professional growth. We welcome presenters of all ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations to voluntarily share any relevant information about your lived experience within the presentation proposal.

We are especially interested in hearing from people who bring diverse perspectives to their work in Continuing Education. Also, we are looking for submissions that provide engaging opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange.

Please focus on the “how” not just “what” so that actual experiences and lessons learned can be shared. What take-away can you provide the audience (e.g., a model, a template, steps, principles, etc.)? 

Selection criteria

The selection committee is particularly interested in submissions that reflect the diversity of the CAUCE membership. 

  • Relevance to the conference theme and chosen stream; 
  • Relevance and appeal to the intended conference audience and CAUCE constituents; 
  • Clarity and completeness of the proposal (what will you be presenting and how); 
  • The degree to which the presentation is based on responsive and innovative practices; 
  • Newness and uniqueness of the topic and information; 
  • The degree to which the presentation is engaging and participatory; 
  • Key takeaways for the audience; what will you provide them with to add to their own practice (models, templates that can be implemented etc.).   

All sessions should share your responsive and innovative practices related to the conference theme Connections Matter: The Impact of CE on University Innovation, Collaboration and Access and focus on at least one of the four streams. We encourage collaboration among institutions and disciplines. 

Please ensure that your proposal, biography, and session description are all clear, complete, and correct. Incomplete submissions may be returned for revision or not reviewed. 

The CAUCE 2022 Call for Presentations is now closed.

Important notes

  • You will be notified the week of March 1, 2022 if your proposal is accepted.
  • If your proposal is accepted you must register for the conference and pay the corresponding fees by April 4, 2022 to confirm your presentation(s).  
  • You agree that, following your session, your presentation will be published on the conference app in .pdf format. 
  • You agree that your session will be recorded and made available to conference registrants on demand for a specified number of days after the conference. 
  • When submitting your proposal, please submit presenter biographies and session descriptions as you would like them to appear in the conference agenda. The CAUCE 2022 Program Planning Committee reserves the right to revise descriptions as needed.