The CAUCE annual conference brings together professionals in university continuing education from across Canada to share ideas and best practices, deliberate on important topics, develop and strengthen networks, and to reflect on the place of continuing education in broader society.

Through guest speakers, panel discussions, conference presentations, and workshops, attendees engage with others for their own professional development and to spark ideas for new ways to improve, innovate or build upon their work in their respective institutions. 

Our 69th annual conference will connect our diverse community of professionals across roles, generations, and geographies to celebrate our respective contributions, share our challenges, and bring greater awareness to our impact on higher education on a national scale.

In collaboration with Extended Education, University of Manitoba, we are delighted to host you at the Historic Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg so that we may share our collective knowledge and thoughts about how we are building our future and leading the way for lifelong learning in Canada.

We have lots to learn and discuss at #CAUCE2023. We hope to see you there!


Building our Future: Leading the Way for Lifelong Learning

Over the past several years, continuing education has emerged as central to the future of higher education due to new economic realities, social issues, the increasing need for Indigenous and decolonizing education, the global pandemic, increased demands for lifelong learner pathways, emerging micro-credentials, and changing global industry trends. With significant shifts in the labour force expedited by the pandemic, the world of work is changing at a pace that is difficult to comprehend. University continuing education units are adaptable and agile, and are vital assets to universities, provincial governments, and industry and we share a passion for what we do.    

As university educators, we are committed to taking an inclusive approach to provide learners with the ability to adapt their skills to the evolving labour market and changing skill needs. We can help individuals and organizations increase capacity, confidence, and resilience. Through our ability to foster creativity, drive innovation, improve access, and deliver high-quality programming, we can respond quickly to socioeconomic shifts in the job market, upskill and reskill our citizens, and reduce barriers to education as we continue to move through the pandemic recovery.   

Building on the conference themes from the past two years, we continue to explore our impact on university lifelong learning. We will consider programs, strategies, services, and partnership models that further the mission of increasing access. We will examine the growing importance of experiential learning in facilitating deeper understanding, developing skills, and obtaining professional experience. We will investigate how we create opportunities for our citizens to engage with our institutions in meaningful, thoughtful, and purposeful ways. We will look at how our continuing education divisions and schools are structured and supported and how the pandemic has impacted them. We will discuss what we've learned about resiliency and adaptability and how we can continue to offer meaningful personal enrichment opportunities. Lastly, we will learn more about the latest trends in alternate credentials, exploring new mechanisms for delivery, national frameworks, and CE's role in leading the future of alternate credentials. 



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Join us!

We hope you will join us May 17 - 19, 2023 as we explore the ways we can lead the way for lifelong learning. This theme will guide our conversations throughout #CAUCE2023 as we meet to share our knowledge and expertise in innovation, collaboration, and access in higher education. 


University of Manitoba Extended Education

At the University of Manitoba Extended Education, we look forward to welcoming you to Winnipeg for this year’s conference. 
The University of Manitoba (UM) is western Canada’s first university and Manitoba’s only research-intensive university. We have two main campuses - Fort Garry and Bannatyne, and we are located on original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. Our sports teams are Bisons, with Billy the Bison as the mascot. 
Extended Education is the division of UM providing continuing education and pathways to degree studies. We offer many lifelong learning options including our latest micro-certificates, and we welcome international students in our intensive program packages.


Our 2023 conference is made possible through the hard work and dedication of our members, with special thanks to the staff in Extended Education, University of Manitoba. Thank you everyone!

  • Ian Allen (Co-Chair), College of Extended Learning, University of New Brunswick
  • Jen Gordon (Co-Chair), School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto
  • Sachi Perera, University of Calgary Continuing Education
  • Coral Sawchyn, CAUCE Secretariat, University of Saskatchewan
  • Deanna Wolfe, CAUCE Secretariat, University of Saskatchewan
  • Karen Woloschuk, Extended Education, University of Manitoba
  • Lelita Bailey, University of Winnipeg
  • Sarah Chan, University of Manitoba
  • Derek Rushton, University of Manitoba
  • Karen Woloschuk (chair/liaison) University of Manitoba
  • Stacey Woods, University of Manitoba
  • Jennifer Farrell (Chair), Continuing and Distance Education,  St. Francis Xavier University
  • Billy Fung, University of Manitoba
  • Liz Katynski, University of Manitoba
  • Sachi Perera (Liaison), University of Calgary
  • Liam Yoo, Continuing Education, Mount Royal University
  • Adrienne Carriere, University of Manitoba
  • Raquel Collins, UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies
  • Julia Denholm, Lifelong Learning, Simon Fraser University
  • Patsy Knutson, University of Calgary Continuing Education
  • Dawne Ramashoye, School of Continuing Studies, McGill University
  • Coral Sawchyn (Liaison), CAUCE Secretariat, University of Saskatchewan
  • Soula Serra (Chair), Centre for Executive & Professional Education, University of Windsor
  • Rachel Bennett, Simon Fraser University
  • Lorraine Carter, McMaster University
  • Anne Dwyer, Continuing Education, McMaster University
  • Jessica Martin, University of Guelph
  • Manuela Parcells, University of Manitoba
  • Partha Roy, NAIT
  • Ian Stephenson (Chair), PowerED™ Athabasca University
  • Deanna Wolfe (Liaison), CAUCE Secretariat, University of Saskatchewan