The following information will help you prepare for your concurrent session. You should review this information prior to submitting your presentation and attending the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact the CAUCE secretariat.

Equipment in the session rooms

  • Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and/or cables to connect your own laptop, clicker, projector, screen, headset/handheld microphone, whiteboard with markers and speakers.

  • A technician will be available to support you with accessing the projector, whether you are using your own laptop or a laptop provided by McMaster University. If you bring your own Mac laptop please ensure you bring any adapters/video cables required to hook up to a projector.  Also, if you bring your own laptop, please save your presentation on a USB just in case there are technical issues.

  • Internet speed can never be guaranteed at conference venues, so if you intend on showing any video please consider downloading to your own laptop rather than attempting to stream from the Internet.

  • You are responsible to bring any additional items you may require for your presentation, i.e. pens, post-it notes, posterboard, coloured markers etc. as they will not be provided. 

Your profile in Guidebook

To ensure we have your full profile in Guidebook, please provide us with your photograph no later than April 15th. Your picture can be emailed to We are using the Guidebook app for all program information. 

Once you have registered for the conference, download the Guidebook app and view your profile in to ensure it is accurate. If you have any changes or corrections please contact the secretariat.

Presentation formats

  • PPT, PPTX: The presentation format is optimized for PowerPoint, whether created on a PC or MAC. To take advantage of advanced media support in PowerPoint, we recommend all PPT files be converted to the PPTX format. You can find the convert feature located under “File, Help” when you have your PowerPoint open.
  • PDF: Supported.

Following your session, a PDF of your PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to your concurrent session listing in Guidebook. Please notify the secretariat if you do NOT wish to have your presentation published.

Submit your presentation

In order to prepare for the conference program and delivery of your session, we ask that you please submit your file by May 22nd.

Click the link below to upload your files. It is strongly recommended that you contact the CAUCE secretariat to ensure the receipt of your file.

Please use the following naming convention when saving your PowerPoint: LastName_FirstName_PresentationTitle  
e.g. Smith_John_My Presentation Title