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Teaching and Learning Online

Course Title: ADL 121-032 E-Learning: Principles and Practice
tart date: June 23, 2020

50% discount for CAUCE members.

Course Title: ADL 115-004 Virtual Classroom Strategies
Start date: June 9, 2020

50% discount for CAUCE members.

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Course Title: Certificate in Online Learning

CAUCE members will receive a 10% discount.

Course Title: Foundations of Instructional Design

$100 off regular course fee for CAUCE members for Spring/Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 (To be eligible for this discount, members must register over the phone at 416.978.2400 and must use their institutional email address for their learner profile.)

Regular Course Fee: $639
Special CAUCE member rate (valid until February 2021), $539

Course Title: Teaching Online

Course date: May 11, 2020 to June 19, 2020