The following projects have been funded through the CAUCE Research Fund.


Hains, Melanie., Centre for Extended Learning, University of Waterloo: A survey of the employment outcomes of various upskilling formats.

McRae, Heather., School of Continuing Education, MacEwan University: Examining the Workplace Expectations and Skills Gaps of Prospective Employees and Employers.

Maynard, Lindsay., School of Continuing Studies, OCAD University: Evaluating the Creative Gig Economy for Continuing Education Funding Opportunities, Government Advocacy, and Improved Program Design. 


Schultz, Christie., Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina, Students' experiences of microcredentials in Canada since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mah, Eaman., Yeung, May. School of Continuing Education, MacEwan University, Tertiary Support for Asian International Students in Continuing Education amidst COVID 19.


Dimitriadou, Anastasia., The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University, What are professional development needs for online instructors in continuing education?

Gokiert, Rebecca., University of Alberta, Evaluation-Focused Continuing Education in the Social Sector.

Grindrod, Kelly., School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Pharmacy 5in5 - Social Giving.



Wensveen, Robert., Continuing Studies, University of Calgary. The Practical Uses and Benefits of ePortfolios.




Akoh, Ben., Snow, Kathy., Silvestrone, Dennis., Phyfe, Lynette., Lawson, Robert., Ould Moulay, Cheikh., Watt, Glen., Nilman, Mehdi., Matheos, Kathleen., Livingstone., Mike. University of Manitoba. 
Practical considerations for mobile learning in Extended Education: A case study

Kerr, Sandra., Ryerson University. A qualitative study of continuing education courses for seniors provided in a long term care facility: The learning academy at Baycrest Health Science Centre