Research Projects

The following projects have been funded through the CAUCE Research Fund. In order to increase the dissemination of this research, some of the recent and all future project reports will be posted on this site.


Carter, Lorraine., McMaster University. Co-Creation as learning model in a continuing education program in community engagement: A consideration of process, experience, and impact

Awong, Tsasha., Ryerson University. Knitting the Cultural Divide: The academic and socio-economic benefits of access support for under-represented student populations at Ryerson University: A spanning the gaps project

Mizzi, Robert., University of Manitoba. Building Positive Spaces for LGBTQ Identities in University Continuing Education


Holmes, Mary., Killeen, Monica., University of British Columbia. Exploring the strategic alignment between university continuing education units across Canada and university-wide alumni engagement.

Kops, William., University of Manitoba. Older adult education at Canadian universities: present state and future directions

Wallace, Lori., Lastra, Rod. University of Manitoba. The educational outcomes and demographics of Indigenous university students


Filimowicz, Michael., Simon Fraser University. Crowdsourcing in online crossover courses

Thompson, Chris., Western University. Approaches to instructor development for online and blended teaching


Akoh, Ben., Snow, Kathy., Silvestrone, Dennis., Phyfe, Lynette., Lawson, Robert., Ould Moulay, Cheikh., Watt, Glen., Nilman, Mehdi., Matheos, Kathleen., Livingstone., Mike. University of Manitoba.
Practical considerations for mobile learning in Extended Education: A case study

Kerr, Sandra., A qualitative study of continuing education courses for seniors provided in a long term care facility: The learning academy at Baycrest Health Science Centre


McRae, Heather and Archer, Walter. Supporting community-university engagement: A study of organizational structures at Canadian universities with particular attention to university continuing education units

Djafarova, Naza. Ryerson University. Large online classes: Successful design and delivery strategies


Oddson, Bruce. Laurentian University. Higher education teaching effectiveness criteria: A content analysis


Rodrigues, Sadira. Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Participatory education: Digital technologies and social change


Mercer, Lorraine, Pianosi, Birgit.  Huntington University (Laurentian University), Optimizing learning. student experiences with audio learning guides in university-based continuing education

Sloane-Seale, Atlanta, & Kops, Bill, University of Manitoba, Workplace retention and recruitment strategies for older workers.

A survey of opportunities for professional development in education-related associations. Fall 2009.


Carter, Lorraine M., Laurentian University, Investigating the learning needs of telehealth nurses in the context of university-based continuing education

de Fontenay, Herve, McGill University, Culture in language instruction in continuing education: Student perspectives

Scotney, Scott, Bow Valley College, The role of continuing education in supporting the re-entry and retention of mature workers in the workforce

Scales, Andrew, University of British Columbia, Building transformative learning communities: A formative evaluation of the UBC ESL conversation facilitators program


Henning, Barbara., Shimoni, Rena, Bow Valley College, Enhancing the participation of practical nurses in continuing education


Dr. Colleen Kawalilak, University of Calgary, Creating space and pathways for elder knowledge sharing in higher/continuing education

Conference Paper 2008

Anne Percival, University of Manitoba and Judith Potter, University of New Brunswick:Continuing education in Canadian universities: A summary report of the policies and practices of CAUCE members 2006. 

Hans Schuetze and Maria Adamuti-Trache, University of British Columbia: Demand for university education in Canada: Patterns of participation by university graduates.


Howard Davidson, University of Manitoba, Continuing Education under War-like Conditions: A Case Study of Palestinian Universities’ Continuing Education and its Capacity to Affect Participation in Political Processes and Community Action

Atlanta Sloane-Seale and Bill Kops, University of Manitoba, Participation of Older Adults in Lifelong Learning: Motivation, Health and Wellness


Catherine Dunlop, Simon Fraser University, Institutions of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning


Gillian Joseph and Robert Carley, University of Guelph, E-Piphany: Does Transformative Learning Occur in a Web-based Mode of Delivery?

Robert Carley, Rick Nigol, Gillian Joseph, and Linda Hawkins, University of Guelph,Understanding how transformative learning occurs through a web-based mode of course delivery

Zhenyi Li, University of BC, Intercultural challenges and strategis: A survey of intercultural competence-related training in continuing education in Canadian universities

Donna Moore, The University of Western Ontario, and Joan Forder, Medical College of Wisconsin, Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students of the University of Toronto, Part-time undergraduate survey


Bonnie Jeffery and Mona Acker, University of Regina, Evaluation of an Internet-Delivered Introductory Social Work Course

Faye Wiesenberg, University of Calgary
An international study of the academic foundations of the practice of workplace learning: The disciplinary intersection of adult education and human resource development


Susan Hutton, University of Calgary, Jo-Anne Willment, University of Calgary (formerly Dalhousie University), Research on Study Groups


Monica Collins, University of Windsor, An Examination of Institutional Learning and Work-Based Learning from Student and Employer Perspectives


Katy Campbell, University of Alberta; Cindy Ives-Bigeau, Laurentian University; David Kirby, Queen’s University, An Analysis of Off-Line Behaviours of Audio-Teleconferencing Students


Dirk Morrison, University of Saskatchewan. Canadian agriculture lifetime leadership program

Donna Moore, University of Western Ontario; Elayne M. Harris, University of British Columbia. Undertow: Memorial University of Newfoundland’s extension service as a site of education for social change

Bill Kops, University of Manitoba. Summer session administration: Factors influencing decision to change organizational models

Mary Heisz and Catherine Blake, University of Western Ontario. An interactive, multimedia teaching tool and its impact on student learning and retention


Jennifer Guyatt, University of Toronto. Part-time students’ expectations of and attitudes toward university

Anne Percival, University of Manitoba. Adult educators as learners

Faye Wiesenberg, University of Calgary


Mark Waldron, University of Guelph. A Canadian satellite consortium

John Morris, University of New Brunswick. An overview of continuing education policies and practices in Canadian universities

Anthony M. Perry, University of Toronto. CAUCE review

Rhordon Wikkramatileke, University of Victoria. Critique of Statistics Canada’s continuing education survey


Lorraine Wilson, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. A survey to determine the academic policies and practices related to certificate education in Canadian universities: Policies and practices in certificate and diploma education in Canadian universities


Walter Archer, University of Alberta. The community consortia in Alberta: Can their formula for success be applied elsewhere?

Judith Potter, University of New Brunswick. Additional funding for the financial awards and academic recognition project