Research Fund Application

Application and General Information

1.  Your attachement to this application must include all of the following components:

  • a clear statement of objectives;
  • a brief description of the research design or methodology;
  • a comment on the significance of the project to university continuing education in Canada (including, where appropriate, commentary on the relationship of this project to research in the field already completed and supported by a preliminary literature review);
  • a budget indicating how the funds being sought will be spent and, in the case of larger projects, the other sources of support for the research;
  • and, if appropriate, a letter of endorsement from the applicant’s supervisor. Statements from peers about the value of the project are recommended.

2. All applications should be submitted using the form below with a single document (the proposal itself and all relevant letters of support) in .pdf or .zip file. You will receive a copy of your submission by email. It is strongly recommended that all applicants contact the Secretariat by telephone (306-966-5604) or email to ensure receipt of their materials.

3. In the event of the perception of a conflict of interest involving a submission for possible funding through the CAUCE Research fund (e.g., a close relationship with a submitter of a proposal, the circumstance that a member of the Research Committee may financially benefit if a particular submitter receives a grant, a Committee Member has prepared a letter of support for a submitter), it is the Committee Member’s responsibility to advise the Chair and to remove him-herself from discussion of and/or recommendation regarding all proposals generated by the involved proposal call.

Please refer to the Research Fund page for additional information regarding notification and receipt of an award as well as the recipients responsibility for sharing.

Applications are accepted twice per year with deadlines of November 15th and February 15th. 

Upload one file only in a .zip or .pdf format. The maximum file size is 500 MB. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission and see a 'thank you' web page. If you do not receive either, please contact the secretariat.
In accepting this research grant I will ensure that it is completed as per the timelines and terms of the grant. Should I leave employment with the university I agree to complete the grant requirements.

Applicants completing and submitting this form with their research fund application hereby confirm that they have read and understand their responsibility under the terms of the awards program, specifically noting that the submission of interim reports are a requirement. As well, since the principal vehicles for the dissemination of knowledge about university continuing education in Canada are the CAUCE Journal and the annual conference, successful applicants are asked to present their project and findings at the annual conference. They are also strongly encouraged to make a submission for possible publication in the Journal of Professional, Continuing, and Online Education (JPCOE).