Program Awards

The CAUCE Program Awards recognize excellence in university continuing education programs in Canada and aim to nurture the concept of scholarship of practice inherent in the program development process.  A call for awards submissions goes out to CAUCE members in mid- November of each year.

Up to six awards are made annually, distributed over four programming categories. If fewer than six applicants are deemed worthy of awards, then fewer awards are made.

  • Credit programming under 48 hours
  • Credit programming over 48 hours
  • Non-Credit programming under 48 hours
  • Non-Credit programming over 48 hours

To be eligible, the program must have been offered at least once and that outcomes for target audience and students are demonstrated.

Submission Components

  1. Complete the Intent to Submit Form by January 30, 2017.
  2. Complete the Submission Form by February 27, 2017 and attach to your submission (in one combined PDF document)
    1. An abstract (not exceeding 200 words)
    2. The program description, not exceeding 6 pages (Be selective; please do not include a detailed curriculum of all the course materials)
    3. A copy of the promotional material(s).

Adjudication will take place following the February 27th deadline, and winners will be notified on or before March 27, 2017.
Adjudication Criteria

1. Value/Service: What value and/or service does the program provide to the student clientele, institutional or community collaborators or partners, as well as the home institution?  What are the indications of its value?
2. Complexity: What is the degree of complexity in program development; for example, negotiations with partner institutions, agencies or target groups, financing or delivery challenges, diversity of students, marketing strategies, and evaluation? 
3. Ingenuity and Innovation: Is the program innovative, imaginative or unique in terms of its overall concept, or in terms of specific curriculum?  The focus of this criterion is on the ingenuity of the content, process, and delivery.
4. Innovation in Delivery: Has the program developed innovative ways to deliver content or to support students to take the program? The focus of this criteria is on how the program is delivered to meet the needs of non-traditional students.
5. Profile of Continuing Education: How does the program enhance the profile of continuing education within its home university and the community in terms of research, practice or service?

Program Awards Committee

Brenda Hackl, University of Regina
John Hoben, Memorial University
Susan Holmes, Dalhousie University
Margit Nance, CAUCE Honorary Member
Kristopher Noseworthy, Université de Saint-Boniface
Richard Rush, University of Victoria
Raveen Sanghera, Simon Fraser University

Nada Saviicevic, Ryerson University
Heather Stamp-Nunes, Memorial University of Newfoundland MUN (Chair)
Kerrie Strathy, University of Regina
Larry White, Simon Fraser University

CAUCE Executive Liaison: Richard Rush, University of Victoria


2016-2017 INVITATION TO SUBMIT – CAUCE Member Institutions

Dear Colleagues:

As chair of the CAUCE Program Awards Committee, I invite you to submit your outstanding continuing education programs for consideration for a CAUCE Program Award of Excellence. The Program Awards will be presented at the CAUCE  Annual Meeting and Conference to be held May 24-26, 2017 in Vancouver British Columbia.

To ensure a broad representation of submissions from CAUCE members, an Intent to Submit Form is included in the submission process. The Intent to Submit Forms are requested by January 30, 2017. Please note this deadline is for the Intent to Submit Form only.

The deadline for complete program submission is February 27, 2017. There is a no limit to the number of submissions from one institution or one programmer. Programs must have been held or delivered during the period from October 1, 2015 to March 1, 2017, and should have demonstrable outcomes.

Submissions from subscriber members of CAUCE must be related to programs carried out in conjunction with a CAUCE member institution; award certificates are supplied to co‑sponsoring institutions where appropriate.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any assistance or 709-864-8364.

Yours sincerely,

Heather Stamp-Nunes, Chair
Program Awards Committee