President’s Message

I am both honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve as President of the Canadian Association for University and Continuing Education (CAUCE) for 2017-18. CAUCE is a national organization with 50 institutional members plus a number of affiliate and professional members. While the names and focus activities of the units in which our members work may vary within their respective universities, our collective work to extend the reach of our institutions to broader and more diverse audiences has never been more important. Changing demographics, educational needs, and requirements for greater flexibility are fundamentally changing our universities. Our institutions need us now more than ever. Our practices are built on flexible approaches, elimination of barriers, and adapting to the changing needs of our learners. We reach those who may otherwise not find a place within our institutions.

We have any exciting year ahead. In the 2017-18, I will be working with the executive and membership to continue advancing the priorities set out in our strategic plan.  Below, I note a few special areas of emphasis:

  • We will be continuing with our work in the area of advocacy. The members of our organization are doing excellent work and we will ensure that their stories are told and fully appreciated in our country, provinces and institutions.
  • We will begin implementation of our new model for organizing our annual conference. The model provides far greater support for hosting institutions by setting out a substantial role for the CAUCE secretariat and ensuring greater consistency from year to year.
  • We will continue to refine and support the Communities of Practice. These interactive groups allow members with common interests to learn from each other and advance our collective practice.
  • We will undertake an initial exploration of new revenue streams for CAUCE. We aim to ensure that the costs to our members remain reasonable while, at the same time, increasing the value that CAUCE provides to our membership. New revenue streams will support this work.

CAUCE exists to support the work of our membership. Our collective work is an important part of the social fabric of our great nation. Our nation and the global context in which it is situated is changing more quickly than ever before and our universities need to adapt. As critical players in helping universities adapt, it is clear that there has never been a more exciting time to work in university continuing education. I look forward helping to advance the national dialogue on continuing education, and supporting those who work in this rapidly evolving field through scholarship, professional development and fellowship.

Gary Hepburn, PhD
President, Canadian Association for University Continuing Education
Dean, Division of Extended Education, University of Manitoba
CAUCE President 2017-2018