Membership Fees


Every Canadian university or college in good standing with the Universities Canada (formerly AUCC) shall be eligible for membership. Fees are determined on the basis of the institution’s annual revenue from government funding and student fees. The fee categories range from $454 to $2,670.

A table of the precise institutional fee based on the institution’s annual revenue from government funding and student fees is shown further below.


Any persons interested in or associated with continuing education at the post-secondary level.

Examples include, but are not limited to, individuals who provide training and education on a contract basis, employees of collectives that are not part of an institution or organization that is an institutional or affiliate member and individuals who may be part of an institutional or affiliate membership and who also want to be a professional member.

Professional Membership Annual Fee:  $130


National, provincial and international associations, groups, organizations or institutions interested in or associated with continuing education at the post-secondary level but not eligible for membership in Universities Canada.

Examples of collectives of individuals that would be eligible to apply for affiliate membership include, but are not limited to, international associations similar to ours (UCEA, ACHE, and the Mexican Association for Continuing Education); educational institutions, including international ones, that are not eligible for membership in Universities Canada; and, other professional associations.

Affiliate Membership Annual Fee:  $270

Honorary Members

Persons nominated for honorary membership must be individuals who have contributed to the objectives of CAUCE. There is no annual fee for honorary members.

Fees 2018-2019

CAUCE institutional membership fees are based on each university’s revenue from Government grants and student fees as reported by CAUBO, augmented by a small percentage each year. Pre-existing ranges are used to determine each university’s membership fees. The annual CAUCE membership fee would be determined by the range into which the level of its grants and fees fall.  Institutional members also pay 12% of their  fee as an annual contribution to the CAUCE Research Fund.

The following is the fee structure used to determine the annual CAUCE membership fee:

Revenue from Government
Grants & Student Fees ($,000)

CAUCE Annual Membership
Fees 2018-2019

Research Fund
at 12%

$400,000 and over$2,723$328


Membership fees are invoiced annually in on April 1st by the Secretariat. Membership status reports are prepared by the secretariat and presented to the Executive at the September meeting. Final reminder notices are sent in September to members whose payment is past due at this time. Approximately six weeks later, the secretariat advises the Executive of any past due payments. At this point, the Executive determines any action to be taken such as a telephone call or letter.

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1 CAUBO compiles data from universities that are members of their association. In general, CAUCE members are also members of CAUBO. However, a university that holds a membership in CAUCE but not in CAUBO should be contacted directly to obtain the level of grants and fees.