Marketing Stream Entry Form

2018 Deadline: February 28th
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Marketing Stream Entry Form

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  • NOTE: All design and marketing initiatives must have been created to promote and/or reinforce the key messages for the promotion of a particular course, program, department, event, concept of continuing education and/or its services. Materials may be adjudicated online if URLs are provided.

    Judges reserve the right to re-assign submissions to the most appropriate category and to disqualify entries that are not prepared according to instructions.

  • The designated contact person acknowledges they have permission of the member institution to enter a submission on behalf of the member institution. As duly authorized, the designated contact person grants CAUCE/AEPUC rights to publish any information contained in the entry in any form by CAUCE/AEPUC to promote the Design and Marketing Awards program which can be made accessible to members of CAUCE/AEPUC and the public from the following website: CAUCE/AEPUC retains all rights to the data contained within the online form. All winning entries will be presented on the CAUCE/AEPUC website. For the CAUCE/AEPUC privacy statement visit
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    All Submissions must adhere to the word limit as stated.
  • This includes the strategic direction and the use of research and other information-based tools in developing the plan, in addition to information about the target market. (Maximum 500 words)
  • This includes the tactical plan implemented to achieve objectives and rationale for the communication channel(s) chosen to reach the target market. Describe how the entry was original, cost-effective, and/or unique. Describe the results, relating them to the strategic marketing plan, objectives, and key metrics. (Maximum 500 words)
  • Please upload an image of your entry (e.g., publication cover or screenshot) or a representative image of your entry. (Maximum 500 KB) JPG, PDF, PNG only.
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  • If you are submitting a digital-based entry, please make sure that all provided links are active through May 2018. Submitted URLs should not be password-protected.
  • Upload all files of final outputs and any other supporting materials or information that you deem helpful for judging your entry. Please limit your supporting materials to no more than five (5) attachments. The maximum total size of files submitted online is 256 MB per entry.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, mp4, doc, docx.
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