Distinguished Researcher Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual who has made a long-term, sustained contribution to research into university continuing education and/or adult education in Canada.

Nomination Process:
In the case of each award, individuals from CAUCE member institutions may nominate their peers. The nomination should describe the contribution made by the nominee to the field and provide a rationale of why the person is a deserving winner of the award.


Distinguished Researcher Award Winners


Lorraine Carter, Nipissing University
Vernon Curran, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Tom Nesbit, Simon Fraser University


Scott McLean, University of Calgary


Randy Garrison, University of Calgary


Gordon Thompson, University of Saskatchewan


Earl Misanchuk, University of Saskatchewan

Distinguished Researcher Award

I hereby nominate the following individual for Distinguished Researcher Award:
Please attach a summary of the nominee’s contributions to the objectives of CAUCE and to the development of University Continuing Education in Canada. You may include other supplementary information as well. Please prepare one PDF or zip file.

This nomination is submitted by:
The deadline for nomination is March 15th of each year.