All Other Committees

Communications Committee


Design and Marketing Awards Committee

Belinda Elliott-Bielecki, University of New Brunswick (Chair/Liaison)


Stevi Dram, University of Winnipeg (Chair)

Alison Adair, University of Western Ontario


Sheila LeBlanc, University of Calgary (Liaison)

Laura Crawford, University of the Fraser Valley 


Christina Abraham, Ryerson University

Randy Holyk, University of Manitoba


Myla Nicolas, University of Regina

Kyla Jardin, University of Victoria


Tanya Reid, University of British Columbia

Valerie Montague, Camosun College


Ayesha Khan, University of Toronto

Ann Smith, University of New Brunswick


Jody Edwards, University of Calgary



Meghan Clark, University of Guelph

Conference Planning Committee



Heather McRae, MacEwan University (Chair/Liaison)


Membership Committee

Andrew Cochrane, Dalhousie University (2018)


Gary Hepburn, University of Manitoba (Chair/Liaison)

Gordon Michael, Dalhousie University (2018)


Robert Wensveen, University of Calgary

Danielle Hill, Dalhousie University (2018)


Peggy Watts, Honorary Member

Lorraine Carter, McMaster University (2019)


Kristine Collins, University of Toronto

Dan Piedra, McMaster University (2019)


Janice Landry, St. Francis Xavier University

Jennifer Rutkowski, McMaster University (2019)



Shannon Franzky, University of Calgary (2020)


Professional Development Committee

Lorna Prediger, University of Calgary (2020)


Nikki Whyte, University of New Brunswick (Chair)

Sheila LaBlanc, University of Calgary (2020)


Aldo Caputo, University of Waterloo (Liaison)

Ian Allen, University of New Brunswick (Liaison)


Inna Popova, McGill University

Coral Sawchyn, CAUCE Secretariat


Natasha Rajcevic, University of Calgary

Deanna Wolfe, CAUCE Secretariat


Leonora Zefi, Ryerson University



 Gina Aiello, University of Winnipeg

Nominations Committee


 Dimitra Fotopoulos, Mount Royal University

Gary Hepburn, University of Manitoba (Chair/Liaison)


Maria Vasanelli, Lakehead University

Michelle Fach, Univerity of Guelph


Terumi Taylor, University of Calgary

Lorraine Carter, McMaster University


Kristin Mulligan, Athabasca University



Christie McGaghran, McMaster University

Program Awards Committee



Heather Stamp-Nunes, Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland (Co-Chair)


Research and Scholarship Committee

Danelle Greebe, University of Calgary (Co-Chair)


Aileen Clark, Université de Saint-Boniface (Co-Chair)

Sheila LeBlanc, University of Calgary (Liaison)


Miranda Angus, University of Victoria (Co-Chair)

Kristopher Noseworthy, Université de Saint-Boniface


Aldo Caputo, University of Waterloo (Liaison)

Nada Savicevic, Ryerson University 


Dijana Praskac, Ryerson University

Raveen Sanghera, Simon Fraser University


Christie Schultz, University of Alberta

Jane Costello, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Kerrie Strathy, University of Regina 

Jo-Anne Clarke, University of Victoria


Lori Wallace, University of Manitoba

Lorraine Mercer, Huntington University


Kyle Whitfield, University of Alberta

Effie Dracopoulos, McGill University


Alison Brophey, University of Victoria