In 1954, the directors of extension and summer schools at several Canadian universities formed an association to promote their common interests. Coincident with increasing membership, new demands for adult learning and a variety of institutional responses, the Canadian Association of Directors of Extension and Summer School (CADESS) expanded its activities over the next two decades. In 1974, CADESS changed its name to the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE).

Working in the spirit of advancing learning and workplace readiness in 21st century Canada, CAUCE is dedicated to supporting the success of our members in serving professional and adult learners and diverse learning communities; we foster best practices in lifelong teaching and learning, flexible learning models, including online leaning, and university community engagement.

To accomplish this mission, CAUCE:

  • promotes activities aimed at fostering a greater role for universities in responding to Canada’s needs for training and retraining;

  • participates in forums affecting educational policy-making; acts as an advocate for enlarged lifelong learning opportunities;

  • sponsors research aimed at applying theoretical and empirical analysis to improving professional practice in continuing education;

  • recognizes, through awards and honors, outstanding contributions to the field of university continuing education;

  • offers conferences, professional development activities, publications and communication networks designed to leverage the successful efforts of individuals and institutions in order to promote the collective advancement of continuing education.